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First and foremost, filing RTI is very simple.

Sample request below is in English. However, you can seek information in English/Hindi/Official Language of Area where application is being made.

                                                                                  Date: 01-Jan-2011
The Public Information Officer
(Name of the Public Authority)
(Address of the Public Authority)

Sir / Madam:

Sub: Request for Information under the Right to Information Act, 2005
[if applicable] Kindly, provide me the following information:…………. (Mention the
information you want as specifically and clearly as possible and the period of time to which
the information pertains)

[if applicable] I request for receipt of the information in the following format(s) – true copy /
print out / diskette / floppy / tape / video cassettes / certified copies of documents or records
– in person / by post / by e-Mail.
[if applicable] I would like to inspect the following works / documents / records / take notes /
extracts….. (Mention clearly and specifically what is wanted for inspection). Kindly inform
me the date and time for my visit.
[if applicable] Kindly, provide me certified samples of material (Mention specifically and
clearly the material). I request for receipt of the certified samples (Describe) ………...
The details of fees paid by me are as follows (Specify)….….. /I belong to the ‘Below Poverty Line Category’ [if applicable, attach a photocopy of the proof] and I am not required to pay any fees.

(Applicant’s signature/Thumb Impression)
Applicant’s Name:
Applicant’s Address:
Applicant’s Phone Number/e-Mail Address (optional):

In case you do not know the name of Public Authority or Address of Public Authority, please visit rti.gov.in or contact us at admin@rtiactivists.org.

Unless you are below poverty line, you need to submit the fees by cash, postal orders, demand drafts against the name of Public Information Officer, Public Authority.

 Either go directly to the office of Authority and fill the form. You can give cash at that time.You will receive the receipt from PIO.

Or you can send a registered mail. Please put demand draft, postal order in the mail. Ensure that you specify these details in the application.  If you are sending registered mail, it is advisable to put acknowledgment form.

Ensure that you put your name and address in the application.

You do not need to put the reason for seeking information.

It is always advisable to have photo copy of the application with you.

File RTI. Become RTI Activist.

Want to join RTI activists, send a mail to admin@rtiactivists.org