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  Bharat Nirman - Rural Roads

Bharat Nirman - Rural Roads To upgrade rural infrastructure, the Government of India has conceived a time-bound business plan under Bharat Nirman. It is a flagship programme for the country. A commitment of over Rs. 1,74,000 crores has been made to Bharat Nirman with the objective of unleashing the growth potential of our villages. As part of the programme, Government of India intends that by end of financial year 2008 – 2009, every village of over 1000 population, or over 500 in hilly and tribal areas, has an all-weather road. To achieve the targets of Bharat Nirman, 1,46,185 kms. of road length is proposed to be constructed by 2009. This will benefit 66,802 unconnected eligible habitations in the country. To ensure full farm to market connectivity, it is also proposed to upgrade 1,94,132 kms. of the existing Associated Through Routes. A sum of approximately Rs. 48,000 crore is proposed to be invested to achieve this