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The Prime Minister during his visit to J&K on 17th and 18th November 2004,

announced a Reconstruction Plan for J&K involving an outlay of approximately

Rs.27,902 crore which includes 67 Projects/Schemes in the following sectors broadly

aimed at expanding economic infrastructure, expanding provision of basic services,

providing thrust to employment and income generation and providing relief &

rehabilitation to the dislocated and the families of victims of militancy. The

Reconstruction Plan caters to the need to strengthen the economic and social

infrastructure and provide for balanced development of the 3 regions of J&K. Out of 67

projects/schemes, 31 have been completed and work is in progress in respect of 33 other

projects. Preparation of proposals/projects and approval is under process in respect of the

remaining 3 items.

(I) Expanding Economic Infrastructure

(a) Power (Rs.19162 cr.).

(b) Roads (Rs.3658 cr.).

(c) Assistance for External Borrowing for Infrastructure

(Rs. 1853 cr.).

(II) Expanding Provision of Basic Service.

(d) Education (Rs.167.49 cr.).

(e) Health (Rs.813.88 cr.).

(f) Physical Infrastructure for Civic Amenities (Rs. 881 cr. *).

(III) Thrust to employment & income generation

(g) Tourism (Rs.527.73 cr.).

(h) Agriculture & Food Processing (Rs.101 cr.).

(i) Industrial Promotion Related Measures (Rs.81 cr.).

(j) Other employment measures (Rs.159 cr.).

(IV) Relief and rehabilitation for families of victims of militancy.

(k) Assistance to the dislocated & the families of the victims of militancy (Rs.496cr.).


* Earlier schemes were proposed to be funded through external funding. Now

schemes are being funded through JNNURM, hence costs have come down from Rs.4883

cr. to 881 cr.

The details of year-wise total outlays and allocation for PM's Reconstruction Plan of the

Annual Plan of the State of J&K are as under:-

(Rs. in cr.)

Annual Plan Total Outlay PMRP

2004-05 3008.03 443.77

2005-06 4200.00 1199.57

2006-07 4347.67 847.67

2007-08 4850.00 850.00

2008-09 5513.00 1013.00

2009-10 5500.00 1200.00

2010-11 6000.00 1200.00

The Central Sector Schemes are being funded out of the budget of concerned

Central Ministry. The Project/Schemes are being implemented by State Government and

Central Government. The details are as under: -

State Sector projects implemented by State Agencies



Name of project

A-2 Baglihar HEP

A-4 &


Transmission & Distribution

A-5 Sawalkot Access Road

A-11 Srinagar Leh Transmission Line

A-5 Ramban - Dhamkund - Sawalkot Road.

B-1 Mughal Road

B-5 Khanabal - Pahalgam Road

B-6 Narbal - Tangmarg Road

C-1 Counter part fund : ADB Loan-I.

C-1 Counter part fund : ADB Loan-II.

D-2 Salary for third teacher.

D-4 &


14 (+10) New Degree Colleges.

D-5 &


9 (+5) New Women ITI's.

F-1 Model villages (119).

F-5 Infrastructure dev. of LAHDC.

K-2 TRT (5242) for Kashmiri migrants

Central Sector projects implemented by State Agencies



Name of project

A-3 Elect. of villages across the state.

E-1 Anganwadis (6817) in every habitation.

K-4 Enhanced outlay for Reh. Council.

E-2 National Rural Health Mission.

E-3 Construction of health centers.

G-1 Setting up of 50 tourist villages.


G-6 &


12 Tourism Development Authorities.

G-5 Conservation of Dal Lake.

J-2 Urban Self employment.

F-2 Sewerage & drainage for Greater Jammu (JBIC Loan).

F-4 Sewerage & drainage for Greater Srinagar.

F-3 Augmentation and improvement of water supply in Greater Jammu.

G-4 Conservation of Mansar Lake.

G-8 Conservation of Wular Lake.

G-12 Conservation of Tsomoriri Lake.

D-1 Extending total literacy campaign.

I-1 Compensation to Industries Units.

H-1 Rehabilitation of Horticulture Industry.

H-2 Assistance to agriculture graduates.

H-3 Const. of food storage facilities at Leh & Kargil.

J-3 Raising of 5 IRP Battalions.

K-1 Reh. of people affected by the Cross Border Shelling.

K-3 Reh. of Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir migrants.

Central Sector projects implemented by Central Agencies



Name of project

A-1 1000 Micro Hydro - Electric Projects.

A-6 Pakul Dul HEP.

A-7 Bursar HEP.

A-9 Uri HEP II.

A-10 Kishanganga HEP.

A-11 Nemo - Bazgo HEP.

A-11 Chhutak HEP.

B-2 Domel - Katra Road.

B-3 Batote - Kishtwar Road.

B-4 Srinagar - Uri.

B-7 2-laning of Srinagar - Leh Road.

B-8 Nemo - Padman - Darcha Road.

D-3 IT Skill promotion.

G-3 Tourist Circuit (Lakhanpur - Basohli - Bhadarwah - Sinthan - Srinagar).

F-6 Infrastructure Facilities at Srinagar Airport.

E-4 Upgradation of Jammu Medical College to the level of AIIMS.